A spiritual reawakening

Spiritualism has become one of the most important topic of study in modern world. Spiritualism is beneficial for the man. It makes man gracious, compassionate, and flourish in life. People approach spiritualism through several pathways, be it Yoga, be it religion, be it meditation. Spiritualism has both personal and social benefits.

Our long work in this area pointed out one thing, the locals do not have a place to perform spiritual activities. Keeping that in mind, we have been thinking of something for long. We got a answer last year. Why can’t we set up and open a temple for all? We started soon after we thought. We started building a Tara Maa Temple to be opened to all, regardless of their religion, cast or creed.

Why Tara Maa?
Maa Tara is the second of the ten Mahavidyas or “Great Wisdom goddesses”, and is a form of Energy. Maa Tara is a Goddess who has significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Maa Tara is known for cutting off the attachments of her worshipers and granting desired boons.

Inauguration of the temple
We are going to inaugurate the temple and open it for the public on 7th February 2020. And we invite all on the inauguration day.

After inauguration the temple will be open for all from early morning till late evening. All are welcome here for meditation, Yoga or just to sit in front of Maa Tara and do nothing.

Help Us
We have gathered all our resources and put them together to build this temple. Now, we are looking forward to your support to run it smoothly. We are accepting donations for the sole purpose of the temple. You can call us at +91-94342-26626 to help us.