Annual Report


The society is located at Village Manika of Diamond Harbour Block – II in the district of South 24 Parganas in West Bengal, India. The project area extends to the entire South 24 Parganas District.


We have started our journey years back in 1948 and moved on to people for their participations from charity to development arena. It’s you, our generous members who have inspired us from time to time in enhancing activities within our limited means. Our organization got registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act and in due course of time,we also got registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. by Ministry of Home Affairs,Govt. of India. After three year of our registration, we started to submit need based project to different Government and Non Government agencies for grant in assistance. Sometime the donor agencies were convinced on our proposal and very seldom, we failed to convince them. However,this has not cut us to the quick and we started to tap local resources for different short term programmes.

In this year we are continuing with the activities like Pallyshree Pathager (Library) with reading room, Awareness Generation Programmes, Social Welfare Programmes, Cultivation,Annul Cultural programmes, Micro Insurance, Games & Sports, Etc.

I offer my profound gratitude to our volunteers, who almost with no or meager honorarium at their behest contributed their labour (physically and mentally) to rural development,they, in fact conducted bench mark survey in different villages of Diamond Harbour –II Block,organized peoples’ meeting for bringing them into participatory planning processes, helped in organizing scintillating cultural activities like Jatra, Drama and religious discourse.

We visualize to create an egalitarian society with equitable social and economic distributions for the people. But for that apart from local contributions, we need to have co-operation,financial assistance from central, state Govt. local self Govt. and various international donor agencies, companies fulfilling corporate social responsibility etc.

I convey my deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all The Panchayet, Block,Panchayat Samity, Zila Parishad, Diamond Harbour Sub-Divisional Information and Culture office,Police Station officials, the Eastern Bakeries Ltd., Donors, Finance Agency, Grantee, committee members, staff & other members and well wishers of the organization for their untiring and dedicated efforts in the successful accomplishment of activities and achieve the ultimate programmes and to reach its destination and goal – to success in the above activities and total aspects. Thanking and welcoming all.

Come and let’s work together to form a divine human community.

Uttam Kumar Baidya
Gen. Secretary


1. Pallyshree Pathagar – A Treasure of Knowledge for People :-

The Samity is maintaining a library with reading room named Pallyshree Pathagar for the welfare of the students and local peoples. The reading room was set-up with the help of “National Children’s fund”, Government of India. It is open regularly for 6 hours for the local people and students. Daily Newspaper, Magazine, study Books of students,Children’s Books, story Books and Novels are available for readers, with special emphasis on Indian civilization and culture..

2. Awareness Generation Programes :-

In the year 2015-16 the organization, has conducted 3 Awareness Generation Programmes at different villages. A brief description of these AGPs is given underneath:-

I. Mother & Child Care Programme :-

Mother plays a vital role in bringing up their children. The would be mother and lactating mothers should know their roles to be healthy as mothers and take care of their children with immunization, balanced diet, health check up and follow up. A camp was organized at the Samity premises on 23rd August, 2015. 42 women participants attended the programme. Panchayet Prodhan, Two eminent Doctors and one social activist acted as facilitators in the camp.

II.  Awareness Programme for Consumer Protection :-

Common people are cheated by businessmen, nursing homes, transporters, taxi drivers and they bear with all these cheatings because they are not aware of protecting themselves from these malpractices. It’s for the benefit for common people; the organization conducted consumer protection awareness camp at village Manika on 13th September 2015 in which 62 people participated. A staff of consumer forum lucidly discussed about consumer protection Act, District and State consumer Forum and consumer court. These also discussed on the proceedings of moving to the consumer court through consumer forum. The audience asked questions on adulteration of food items, malpractices in weighting the goods and the remedies to case out of these problems. The facilitators answered their questions on different steps to be taken against each case.

III.  Anti-Pollution Drive Camp :-

Like previous years, this year too, the organization conducted two awareness camps on antipollution and safe environment issue at Sadhurhat and Sarisha. The facilitators discussed especially on the avoidance of sound and plastic use. The camp was arranged on 11th October and 31st October 2015. Local Govt. representatives like Pradhan, Panchyet members, Block officials were present at two camps.

3. Social Welfare Activities :-

I.  Programme & for elderly :-

In this year the Samity organized a one day long get together of aged persons above 60 years of age at Sadhurhat on 6th May 2015. The Sammelan brought ‘we’ feeling among elderly. A discussion session was conducted among the attendees on the topic ‘old age and problems’. The aged people participated through songs, recitations etc. They seemed to be very agile and joyful in this special day for them. 43 old people attended the programme. Lunch and refreshment were served to them. 16 aged people of vulnerable family situation received clothes from the Secretary of NPMS.

II.  Health check up camp :-

Needy half starved people should have some opportunity to see for themselves on the status of their health and doctor’s advice to be free from health hazard. With the financial help from Shamdasani Foundation, the organization conducted two health check up camp on 16-08-2015 and 26-01-2016 for rural people. Two M.B.B.S. Doctors diagnosed 192 male and female and some people have been referred for clinical diagnosis and treatment in Block Hospital

III.  Blood Donation Camp :-

In this year the Samity conducted a Blood Donation Camp on 23rd January 2016 with the help of District Hospital Diamond Harbour. 54 nos. Donor has been participated in this programme. It is also seen that a large numbers of Female donor has donate their blood in this programme.

IV.  Day Care Center :-

In the year 2015-16 the Samity started a Day care center for children. 8 nos. of children are there in the center whose Parents are workers of the Falta Free Trade Zone and they have no other family members for look after these children. In this situation the Samity take up such type of programme for betterment of this children.

4. National Days and Nobles Birthday Celebration :-

      The organization like every year celebrated Independence Day, Swamiji’s Birthday, Republic day with much enthusiasm. Around 185 children and youth participated in Padayatra from Manika to Sadhurhat. Sweets were distributed among the participants. This year the organization celebrated the Netaji’s Birthday with Blood Donation Camp at the Samity Premises. The organization also organized Tagore’s Birthday and Najrul Islam’s Birthday where local school children participated in cultural programme e.g. songs, dance and small kit written by Tagore and Najrul Islam

5. Micro-Insurance Project :-

The Micro-Insurance project is running at Sadhurhat. During this year we have covered a large number of target persons as well as families with the help of LICI’s product. 45 semi educated youth as Specified Persons has been Self-employed by the programme of our samity.


Every year, the Samity undertakes agriculture, gardening and pisciculture activities on a very successful note. The organization has cultivated Paddy in its own land. On the embankment of the pond named PRAGATI UDDYAN an improved garden with fencing protection where Vegetables are cultivated. In this year the organization has obtained reasonable amount from selling the productive Fishes, Paddy and vegetables. Moreover the organization has facilitated neighboring farmers attached to the excavated ponds with water for irrigation.


Like previous year, the Samity organized a Football Tournament from 13th to 15th August 2015 in participation with 32 number of local football Teams. Winner Cup, Runner Cup and many other awards were distributed among the participants in presence of local Dignitaries. The members of the Samity, local People and Distinguished guest also enjoyed the tournament.

Sports programme was also held on 11th November 2015 in the occasion of shyamakali puja utsava in participation with the children of local area on different events. Prizes were also distributed among the successful candidate.

Like previous year, the Samity organized a Cricket Tournament at Sanghati Maidan from 26th to 28th December 2015 in participation with 16 local Cricket Teams. Winner Cup, Runner Cup and many other awards were distributed among the participants in presence of the M.L.A. and other local Dignitaries. The members of the Samity, local Peoples and Dignitaries also enjoyed the tournament.

 8. Annual Cultural Programme :-

Bengalis have a common instinct for redefining and presenting their culture. Bengalis, in fact have long cherished cultural heritage. Many singers, dancers, actors, dramatist, poets have come out with flying colour and many of them was held from rural background. The organization emphasized on cultural development of rural people. Like previous year, the organization conducted 4 days long Annual Cultural function at Manika village from 24th to 27th March 2016 Along with dance and songs with small skit presented by children, cultural function and Stage Drama “Maa Mati Manush”. Samity members participated in the Drama. Their scintillating performance enthralled the Audience.

AUDITED ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR 2015 - 2016:-AnualReport2015-16


The organization has performed all the targeted activities during the year. Proper records were maintained in respect of all such activities along with relevant reports and accounts. All the accounts were duly audited with the co-operation of members and others which is placed before you for your kind notice.

Recent Activities :-

06-05-2016 - Get together & Cloth Distribution Programme among needy old aged Persons at Sadhurhat.

08-05-2016 - Celebration of Rabindranath Tagore and Nazrul Islam’s birthday

15-08-2016 - Celebration of Independence day with Padayatra and Tree Plantation at village Manika.

11-09-2016--“Seminar” on Health & Education for the Mother & Child at Manika.

01-10-2016-Pre Puja Campaign for uses of unleaded Paints for Idols making and Sound Pollution at Sarisha.

02-10-2016 -Celebration of Gandhi Birthday at village Manika.

21-10-2016 - Pre-Puja get-together & cloth distribution for old-age persons.

22-10-2016 - Pre Puja Campaign for uses of unleaded Paints for Idols making and Sound Pollution at Sadhurhat.

29-10 to 01-11- 2016 - On demand of villagers & members we arranged ‘Shyama Kalipuja’ at Manika for Peace and Energy.

30-10 to 01-11- 2016 - Organised a Football Tournament in Participation with 32 Teams at Sanghati Maidan, Manika.

30-10-2016 –Organised Sports for Children at Sanghati Maidan, Manika.

01-01- 2017 - To be arranged a get-together programme of our members at Pragati Uddyan, Manika.

12-01- 2017-Celebration of ‘Swamiji’s’ Birthday.

22-01- 2017 - Eye Check-up camp and health check-up camp at village Manika.

23-01- 2017 – Celebration of Netaji’s Birthday with Padayatra at Manika and Blood Donation camp will be held at Manika assistance from Diamond Harbour District Hospital Blood Bank.

24-01 to 26-01- 2017 - 3-day Cricket Match at Sanghati Maidan, Manika.

26-01- 2017 - Observation of Republic Day, Flag Hosting and Padayatra will be held at Manika.

09-03 to 12-03- 2017 - To be arranged a Village fair VASANTYOTSAVA for 4 days at village Manika.

11-03- 2017 - A Drama ‘Nati Binodini’ will be staged at Manika in participation with our members.